Medical Checks & Consultation

Medical Checks and Consultation

Second Opinion - Medical Diagnosis

Have you or a close one had a medical diagnosis? Brits-Halley provides a second opinion on any diagnosis you’ve been given. We conduct all necessary checks using the latest world-class medical technological diagnostics and experts in all fields of practice.

Second Opinion- Treatment Options

Often times after a medical diagnosis, you have doubts about the diagnosis or the recommended treatments or seeking for more options. Brits-Halley provides a Second Opinion on any treatment options you may have been provided. We give you an independent, unbiased expert opinion on the options available to you. We discuss logistics and offer evidence-based advice on treatment outcomes and survival statistics subject to request.

Long Term Management

Long-term conditions often are conditions that cannot be cured but whose associated symptoms or complications can be managed. Brits-Halley offers safe and best-practise management of such conditions over the lifetime of the patient.

At Brits-Halley, we provide informed Medical advice to patients following consultations. Our consultation sessions can be Face-to-Face, Via Telephone or through a Video Call Session on Skype or Zoom.

Using the latest medical technological equipment, we present you a detailed assessment of your health status, and with it different consultation packages and options.  Where needed, we conduct full comprehensive medical checks on clients on request.